[theforum] weo 2b: to OSS or not?

Madhu Menon chef at shiokfood.com
Tue Nov 9 05:26:10 CST 2004

At 14:06 09/11/2004, Garrett Coakley wrote:
> > And how will we avoid all the resulting 404s for the existing articles
>when we move?
>We can reconstruct any existing URL from the data contained in the
>article database (articleID, alias/short path, date of publication etc),
>the main concern is translating those on the fly in a timely manner.

I'm just saying that the articleID will have to match exactly with the one 
in the new DB.

This article Martin posted, for instance:

If I remember right, that means its categoryID is 20 and ArticleID is 57758.

Will you be able to build a script that will perform the correct 
redirections? You'll have to build a lookup table that has all the old IDs 
and the new ones, and then do a 301 to the new URLs. But for that, you will 
need to know which is the new ID for each old article.

William wrote:
>asurely jeff is asubascribed to theforum, and can join in the 
>converasation whenever he likeas?

Yes, but he's got the keys to the data you want to move.

Even if Drupal / [some other CMS] does everything we want it to do, it's 
still a good idea to write down all the functional requirements (including 
new features you want to add), and then keep referring to that as we make 
changes, no?

Remember: we have to set an example in best practices for the rest of the 
(And I'd hate to have certain people outside gloating that we screwed 
things up, etc.)

BTW, while I'm no longer in the biz, I ain't forgotten my usability/ IA 
/interface stuff. I'll volunteer those skills.



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