[theforum] weo 2b: to OSS or not?

Elfur Logadóttir elfur at elfur.is
Tue Nov 9 06:50:56 CST 2004

.:| From: Elfur Logadóttir
.:| Ok, I'll cave, trying to find a middle ground here.
.:| I'm going to sit down for a few hours today and look at 
.:| what evolt.org does
.:| currently and see if Drupal does it and in what way it does 
.:| it differently.
.:| It's not going to be a perfect spec, that i promise, but 
.:| rather a listing of
.:| (hopefully) all the aspects of evolt.org.

Right. Running out of time, for now - here's what I have.
This is a 'save as' from Word, so no dissing my html skills ;)


What I've done already is type up the main aspects of the website's
I am yet to do the Drupal part of my promise, but I'll get there.
If there's anything i'm forgetting, please let me know.

*the stubborn one*

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