[theforum] weo 2b: to OSS or not?

Elfur Logadóttir elfur at elfur.is
Tue Nov 9 19:44:38 CST 2004

.:| From: David Kaufman

.:| > Ok, I'll cave, trying to find a middle ground here.
.:| Heh.  I caved too.  Great minds think alike :-)

Of course :)

.:| BTW, are you a godmin?  or an admin?  Can you grant me 
.:| access?  I won't 
.:| approve or deny any articles or anything - I just want to 
.:| be able to 
.:| help you in these efforts.

I'm an inactive admin, only semi active in the finance group. But I still
have admin privileges on thesite ... I don't have godmin privs however -
only a handful of people have those. Jeff, Isaac and two or three others,
can't remember atm.


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