[theforum] New design (was something else ;)

Elfur Logadóttir elfur at elfur.is
Tue Nov 9 19:48:12 CST 2004

.:| From: Martin Paul Burns
.:| One thing though: are we going to do the new design that we 
.:| agreed ooh, 18
.:| months ago? Note that the pre-work of cutting the Photoshop 
.:| into HTML has
.:| been done, and whichever way we go, we need to wire 
.:| $presentation_layer
.:| into CMS.
.:| John's mentioned that he's already bored with the new 
.:| design (although I
.:| have to add: not as bored as I am with the old one!), but 
.:| it's a step
.:| forward, and at least brings us into the 21st century and 
.:| an all CSS build.

I would say both. Because we're only migrating as a first effort i say we do
that and create the template for the current look. We can then create an
extra layout for the new design within said template, that way, if we go
with drupal, you could choose the 'new' design as your default one while
others still see the older one - until we do the revamp :)

*the evolting one*

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