[theforum] weo 2b: to OSS or not?

Jeff Howden jeff at jeffhowden.com
Tue Nov 9 22:03:11 CST 2004


> > First, please explain what you mean in more detail
> [snip]
> That querying a story table which includes the full text
> of an article is memory-heavy, regardless of the DB
> server.
>  > Second [snip]
> You expressed concerns before about thesite's
> performance even with ~1000 items.  I'd figured you'd
> fixed it, is all.
>  > Third [snip]

Enough said.  Thank you for not reading anything into my questions (like a
tone that wasn't there).

Very little, if any, changes were made in the migration.  That said, the
queries aren't the issue when moving between platforms, insofar as the
database remains the same.

With regard to performance, that issue was fixed by simply putting it on a
box/setup that doesn't suck.  Nothing more was necessary.  Honest.

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