[theforum] weo 2b: And now for something completely different?

David Kaufman david at gigawatt.com
Tue Nov 9 23:31:26 CST 2004

Tara Cleveland <tara at taracleveland.com> wrote:
> Martin Burns wrote:
>> We need to have a clear view on whether
>> a) We produce a site that is fundamentally the same [ or ]
>> b) We produce a site that is *different* - that takes a different
>> publishing model for the community.
> I'd agree with David K. that if we start talking about a new model or
> new functionality or something drastically different, it'll be at
> *least* another 6 months before the move happens. I think we should
> hold off on any major changes  in functionality until after a move.

Thanks Tara,

I don't enjoy sounding pessimistic, and am thankful that at least a
couple others here share my (let's call it) "realism" about the amount
of effort needed to change everything all at once, in a relatively short
timeframe utilizing a group of volunteers who all have other
responsibilities and demands on their time.

> Once the move is done, *then* we can start adding stuff, changing
> stuff, migrating to a whole new wiki model/drupal thingy/whatever we
> want. There should be a priority on moving otherwise that's never
> going to happen at least not in my lifetime ;-)

This sounds practical to me.  Looking over Elfur's list of WEO's current
feaures [ http://evolt.elfur.org ] divided nicely as it is, into
"must-have", "would-be-nice", and "drupal-does", a nice deterministic
list of "launch objectives" is beginning to emerge, many of which appear
to be free (i.e. features Drupal provides already).

If we could muster the troops (like those that've posted recently) who
use, love, mod or just wanna learn Drupal to move some of those bold
(Must Haves) that are red (Drupal Doesn't) into the blue column, then
maybe I wouldn't be so nervous...


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