[theforum] New design (was something else ;)

Martin Paul Burns martin.burns at uk.ibm.com
Wed Nov 10 08:34:35 CST 2004

theforum-bounces at lists.evolt.org wrote on 10/11/2004 15:07:19:

> At 19:20 10/11/2004, aardvark wrote:
> >>But even better, Sniffles (Steph Troeth) cut the design into proper,
> >>correct xHTML/CSS:
> >>http://dev.unadorned.org/evolt/

> Actually, we didn't have a proper "debate" about it. Isaac kinda threw it

> out there, and then it was forgotten for eons.

Ermmm a little more than that I think. Check back theforum and desdev
archives for August 2003.

> I would, however, like to change the link colour from that blue. I've
> always hated that one. ;)

Yes, you made that point about an earlier iteration:
a) was somewhat addressed by that point and
b) was a bit of a non-issue as the *precise* colour choices were still
c) further refined past your point of complaint:

That HTML was based on the PSD mentioned here:
The link is 404 now, but I saved off the psd. It's at home rn and I don't
have SSH access out of here to make it re-available on my home server.

Seriously folks, if anyone's got any more than simple tweaks (ideally at
the level of specific CSS colours, font sizes etc) then can we hold them
until after we relaunch.


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