[theforum] New design (was something else ;)

aardvark evolt at roselli.org
Wed Nov 10 16:28:44 CST 2004

Mike King wrote:

>>> http://dev.unadorned.org/evolt/
>> Too bad both sidebars disappear *way* below the fold on any resolution
>> resembling "normal".
> Not here. Where's the standard tech info? Browser + version + Screen res?
> I'm viewing with Firefox 1.0 at 800x600, 640x480 etc etc. Nothing pushes 
> the bars down.

ooh ooh! mr. kotter!

my screen is 1600x1200, on a windows2k machine... my browser windows are 
rarely wider than 800px...

surfing in IE5.5, i can't see all three columns side-by-each until my 
window hits 974px... you can see a screencap of my 800x??? experience here:

now, surfing in Firefox 0.9, it looks much cleaner... screencap of my 
800x??? experience:

so, now, not having seen the logs in while... what browser/platform 
makes up the bulk of our visitors?

and i'm going to say with reasonable confidence that .jeff is surfing on 
a win2k machine using IE6.x... because i experienced what he did when i 
hit it that way (and i know .jeff's machine... it likes me and messages 
me in the middle of the night)...

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