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William Anderson neuro at well.com
Sat Nov 13 02:43:41 CST 2004

Martin Paul Burns wrote:
> Neuro wrote on 12/11/2004 14:29:02:
>>we have wiki: http://wiki.evolt.org/
> This replaces the previous wiki.evolt.org which lived on the evolt.org.uk
> donated raq, with the benefits of:
> 1) All the old content migrated
> 2) New content/users addable again (the old one had something very wierd
> going on with disk quotas)
> 3) It's standard MediaWiki
> 4) We're actually *using* the ServerMatrix box we're paying for, and are
> one step closer to migrating off the raq and onto purely evolt.org
> controlled infrastructure (leo soon, please)

while I remember to say this, can we really start using the wiki to 
collaborate and brainstorm stuff out ... sometimes theforum can be a bit 
constrictive to decent collaboration (but not discussion!) so let's get wiki'd!

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