[theforum] evolt.org Drupal proof-of-concept. First draft

John Handelaar john at userfrenzy.com
Mon Nov 15 16:20:53 CST 2004


We (#evolt on irc.evolt.org) have made a first stab at dragging 
thesite's content into Drupal.

Stuff that's wrong with it at the moment:

1.  Lots of articles haven't terminated properly and include
     extraneous material from thesite's HTML at their foot

2.  Almost no articles have yet had their 'teaser' copy made and
     appear in indexes as headlines-with-no-copy

3.  About 1/3 of users aren't associated with their email

4.  All passwords were reset

Yet to do:

5.  A skin, though Mike King's nearly there with a first stab

6.  Comments not inserted yet

7.  Ratings not inserted yet

This has taken about 6 hours' solid effort so far.  Thanks due to 
William Anderson for assistance.

Can I use this to persuade you all that this is an *eminently* 
achievable goal, and while we're at it, to also point out that 
evolt.org's 6th Birthday is 30 days from now?

Comments welcome. Flames about anything I covered above, not so much.


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