[theforum] evolt.org Drupal proof-of-concept. First draft

Elfur Logadóttir elfur at elfur.is
Tue Nov 16 04:47:49 CST 2004

.:| From: Jeff Howden
.:| > http://evolt.userfrenzy.com
.:| >
.:| > We (#evolt on irc.evolt.org) have made a first stab at dragging
.:| > thesite's content into Drupal.
.:| >
.:| > Stuff that's wrong with it at the moment:
.:| >
.:| > 1.  Lots of articles haven't terminated properly and include
.:| >      extraneous material from thesite's HTML at their foot
.:| >
.:| > 2.  Almost no articles have yet had their 'teaser' copy made and
.:| >      appear in indexes as headlines-with-no-copy
.:| >
.:| > 3.  About 1/3 of users aren't associated with their email
.:| >      addresses.
.:| >
.:| > 4.  All passwords were reset
.:| There's so much wrong with this it's a laugh that your list 
.:| is only 4 long.

Ok. Before we go any further in replying to individual comments you've made:
have you responded at all so far as to offering to hand over a proper copy
of the database?
Several requests have already been made, one of them from myself last week.
So consider this a formal request: please hand over a dump of the database
so we can work on migrating the data properly to it's new home.

.:| Code snippets are wacked.
.:| Strike that, the HTML for the body of articles is wacked.

No comment, because i don't have the info.

.:| None of the articles have comments.

This was mentioned in john's email, that comments weren't inserted yet.

.:| URLs are completely devoid of valuable information.

It's a data PoC, not a proper version of evolt.org, the url reconfiguration
will be able to be done with mod rewrite or whatever the name is, didn't
Garrett mention this already in a reply to Madhu.

.:| Any search engine relevance we enjoy today will be quickly gone.

See above.

.:| Any on-site links in articles are totally messed.

Did i say it already? Proof of concept - not a proper copy. Of course
there's tweaking to be done. - I personally see no reason to do such
tweaking if this is not the direction evolters decide to go to.

.:| Pictures/files are missing from every article.

To be imported, it's true, that was not mentioned in the email from john,
but consider that mentioned now.

.:| What happened to the FAQ portion of the site?
.:| What happened to the site contact management piece go?
.:| There aren't any ratings anywhere to be seen.

Also mentioned in john's email. - still to be inserted
Oh, and did i say it already: proof of concept - not proper copy.

.:| Colors only are used to designate fields that don't pass validation.
.:| Every page request makes a demand to set a session cookie 
.:| on my computer -
.:| no thanks.
.:| Either the search engine *sucks* or something needs to be 
.:| done with the
.:| index.
.:| The source of the site is filled with all sorts of 
.:| <span></span> nonsense.

This is the standard drupal template ... Also mentioned in another email
that work is being done on drupalising the new design ... As a proof of

.:| How exactly does one go about posting an "article"/node/whatever?
.:| ><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><
.:| > Can I use this to persuade you all that this is an
.:| > *eminently* achievable goal, and while we're at it, to
.:| > also point out that evolt.org's 6th Birthday is 30 days
.:| > from now?
.:| ><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><
.:| Apparently you haven't been listening to anybody (minus a 
.:| precious few on
.:| that side of the pond anyway)

Which side is that? 
I decline to face any sorts of atlantic ocean sideline drawing here. That
would be just ridiculous for a co-funder of a global web community to draw
sidelines like that.

.:| when it was discussed that 
.:| rebuilding from
.:| scratch was a bad idea.  

Is *anyone* rebuilding from scratch??? Isn't exactly the opposite happening,
importing to a OSS CMS system, based on publically donated modules,
maintained by thousands of programmers allover the world? ... Actually,
isn't that really what evolt.org has been about for a good six years??
Standards, sharing, global, maintained by many. Strenght of different
locations etc.

.:|Re-implementing it in something 
.:| else falls under
.:| that category, in case there was any doubt.

What??? How is importing the data from one CMS to another building from
Not to mention that the former CMS is bespoke, maintained by one very busy
person who has cited payment issues when asked about features in the past,
while the other is OSS maintained by thousands as mentioned before.
You're damn right i'm typing flammable material. As someone said: bring it

.:|  I fail to see 
.:| how something
.:| like this will actually *replace* what we have now.  
.:| Grasshopper, you've got
.:| *much* work yet to do.

Well, it would be soooo much easier if you provided with a proper data dump
or access to a copy of all the data currently on weo (note i said copy, not
access to the real thing, so don't reply with that argument, thank you).

That way things could be done properly in a timely manner.

*the puzzled one*

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