[theforum] Decision time - please cast your vote before noon Saturday Nov 20th (12.00GMT)

Elfur Logadóttir elfur at elfur.is
Tue Nov 16 08:58:06 CST 2004


As John has published a proof of concept, showing that this can be done in
relatively quick and easy way, we need to decide which way we want to go.

So I'm calling for a formal vote on theforum, for or against drupalizing
evolt.org and we'll go from there.

Question: Should we drupalize evolt.org or not?

Please respond with +/-1 before noon Saturday November 20th (that's 1200Hrs
That's four workingdays to vote for the most western part of evolt.org and
three plus for the most eastern part of evolt.org.

Results will be tallied and posted around 1300Hrs GMT.

If the vote will be carried we will expect to have a copy of all things
evolt.org (db dump, all files, html, images, externally linked files/images)
available for download from a protected location posted to treasurer @ eo by
noon Monday Nov 22nd GMT. That's six whole days to collect and combine the
data files.

Further, if the vote will be carried, we will strive to launch a drupalized
version of evolt.org by it's 6th birthday, December 14, 2004.

If the vote will not be carried we will then discuss any other way of
migrating weo from jeff's hosting to servermatrix before end of january,
amongst other, Dave's suggestion of moving back to CF/Linux.

Best regards,
Elfur Logadóttir
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