[theforum] Decision time - please cast your vote before noonSaturday Nov 20th (12.00GMT)

William Anderson neuro at well.com
Wed Nov 17 11:12:14 CST 2004

Morgan Kelsey wrote:
> [snip]
> -1 to relaunching with less functionality than we currently have.
> jeff is charging us $50 a month? i think?
> can't we afford that until a new site is *ready*?

Yes, the deadline isn't hard - if stuff's not ready, then nothing will 
happen.  If we lose any functionality at all, I think it will be minimal eye 
candy stuff, nothing major.  From what I've seen of the PoC (and anyone can 
look and see, cf John's post the other day with the url), it's pretty damned 
close already.

> since it seems jeff won't be involved with the rewrite, shouldn't we be 
> selecting a new leader for desdev? this person's first task would be to 
> make a complete list of functionality (starting from elfur and john's 
> good work), and then delegate those tasks to those interested in helping.

desdev have steering reps (iirc tara cleveland and garrett coakley, both of 
them intimately involved in this rewrite atm), they are the "leaders" of 
desdev, if there's such a thing.

iirc the elections are due in a cpl weeks, so getting this under the blanket 
and snug seems a good idea :)

> and can we please stop all this, i dunno, "hithertoforing" each other?

good word use :)

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