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Tara Cleveland evolt at taracleveland.com
Wed Nov 17 11:55:19 CST 2004

On 17-Nov-04, at 11:45 AM, Morgan Kelsey wrote:
> this is an important point, that madhu, dave and others have been 
> making.
> haven't past rewrites involved designated "teams" with leaders that 
> had "todo lists" who then passed out the work to the wonderfully 
> willing?
> why is this any different?

Well partially because the structure of theforum has changed and we 
voted to eliminate all the extra groups and work off of theforum. So 
things are different then they were before.

Also, I'm told that that's not the way it was done before. Most of the 
last incarnation of weo was done at a codefest in Milwaukee with 
tweaking done by request afterwards.

As well, I think, because AFAIK we aren't at the stage of making todo 
lists. The crew that's doing the PofC for drupal has requested a data 
dump so that they can work out what exactly needs to get done in 
drupal. What's easy to fix, what's not so easy etc. etc. So far, that 
data dump has not been forthcoming.

> i don't think anyone really cares (i dare say jeff included) what 
> platform/system/language evolt runs on as long as we duplicate the 
> existing functionality.

And I think that's what people are trying to work out. How to replicate 
the existing functionality. And the vote for drupal is a vote to try it 
out. Obviously, if it's impossible to replicate the functionality or at 
least the vast majority of it and definitely everything we deem to be 
essential, then we'll go with something else. But I and others think 
that drupal is a good first choice for investigation and a strong 
effort in PoC. And so far it seems to be working out very nicely.

See john's original post: 

Check out the PoC as it's being developed: http://evolt.userfrenzy.com

 From my experience at least, it's good to mark down the features you 
want and what features a CMS supports, but you won't *really* find out 
if it supports the functionality you require until you actually *try* 
it. Which afaik is what's going on now.

> we're declaring deadlines without saying what we need done on those 
> deadlines.

I don't think the deadlines are hard and fast deadlines. You do bring 
up a good point though, I'm confused about what deadline is for what 

Can we get an outline of the various deadlines and a basic idea of 
what's supposed to be done at each deadline?

> jeff is charging us $50 a month? i think?
> can't we afford that until a new site is *ready*?

We might be able to afford it, I don't know. But we need deadlines. 
We've been *talking* about this for *years* now. At least since I 
joined theforum. I think the deadlines are partially to get everyone's 
butts moving. So far, it seems to be working.

> since it seems jeff won't be involved with the rewrite, shouldn't we 
> be selecting a new leader for desdev? this person's first task would 
> be to make a complete list of functionality (starting from elfur and 
> john's good work), and then delegate those tasks to those interested 
> in helping.

See above. Also, FYI, there already were elections on desdev, before we 
decided to can the groups and Garrett and I were voted in as steering 
reps for desdev.

> i think we can all see that evolt will *work* in drupal, but as jeff 
> pointed out there is a huge amount of tweaking to be done, and we all 
> kow that takes a lot of time.

You know, I think it's a great idea for someone to write up a list of 
task/tweaks once the PoC is done. That way we can all sign up to help 
out and get involved. I know, for instance, that there's still some 
discussion to be done about the (very fabulous and much improved - 
thank you Isaac et al.) layout (at least *I've* got some opinions I 
could share!).

> and can we please stop all this, i dunno, "hithertoforing" each other?

Yes. I'd like to stop the bickering. But... people will be people, you 
know. *shrug*

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