[theforum] Drupalizing evolt.org - results of the vote called for last week

Elfur Logadottir elfur at elfur.is
Sun Nov 21 07:06:00 CST 2004

Fellow evolters,

Here are the results of the Icelandic Jury:
Drupal deuze pois [1]

The results are overwhelming for drupalizing evolt.org. 21 voted for 
drupalizing, there of two with reservations, and 1 voted against it. Listing 
of who voted can be found at the end of this email.

The motion is considered carried and we will move on to implement the task.

In order to be able to implement the task we are going to need a copy of all 
the data on current weo structure as mentioned last week, in the post 
calling for the vote. It was also a part of the vote and is therefore 
expected, to have the copy available by noon monday (GMT). Jeff please 
contact treasurer @ e.o. to arrange for a suitable solution to accessing the 

As has been mentioned in other emails, a proof of concept has been setup and 
is being worked on as we speak. This PoC could be used in the implementation 
but that's a decision that is yet to be made.
the PoC can be found at http://evolt.userfrenzy.com

Another thing we need to decide on is whether to take this opportunity to 
switch to isaac's new design or not. A number of suggestions were floating 
around last summer when isaac finalised it, but sadly it seems like we don't 
have proper copies of them all. Isaac has been contacted because of this, 
but if you have any copy at all please post them somewhere where they can be 
decided on.

I have one copy here: http://evolt.elfur.org/evolt_article2.gif and another 
version can be found here: http://dev.unadorned.org/evolt/. That version was 
cut to html by Stephanie Troeth (sniffles) and is being implemented on the 
PoC with color correction, because the only difference between the two 
versions is the part that is happening above the blue bar (black navigation 
+ login area above/below the black nav)

I particularly miss sketches of the front page and category pages because 
that's where the beauty of the design is.

Finally (and easily it could be argued that this should be higher above in 
the email :) there are the functions to discuss. I posted a list of what weo 
does now and what i knew (at the time) drupal could do. That list can be 
found here: http://evolt.elfur.org/ . At a later date john posted a column 
bound listing comparing current WEO to Drupal to current PoC (which might 
have changed something since, because it's a constant work in progress). 
John's email can be found in the archives: 

Based on these two post a discussion needs to happen as to what we 
want/need/wish to have and then prioritise such wants/needs/wishes into what 
is going to be implemented at new launch (before end of jan at the latest, 
at our 6th birthday desired), and what is going to be implemented later an 
in what order.

This is the time where we all need to do more than object to what has been 
done and the order of it. We need to come together and make it happen by 
cooperation and active participation.

May i remind everyone that a wiki has been setup at http://wiki.evolt.org 
where you can sign up and actively participate in creating "a scope/spec 
from which to work" as aardvark asked earlier. As you can see from this 
archived theforum post 
http://lists.evolt.org/theforumarchive/Week-of-Mon-20041115/005226.html all 
that is needed is to create an account and read up on how to edit a page 

And for those new to Drupal, you can play around with it at a demo Drupal 
setup over at http://evolt.elfur.org/drupal just sign up using a 
recognisable username or email and i'll approve you quickly (keeping signup 
on approval level because of the extended access i'm giving to administering 
the site). Again, if you prefer using obscure usernames, just contact me 
offlist with that information and I'll approve such usernames as well.

I think this is enough for now, so let's roll up our sleeves and get going 
with this thing called evolt.org V3.

Recap of the votes follows:

Question: Should we drupalize evolt.org or not?

Jeff Howden

Alan Lloyd
David Kaufman
David A. Ulevitch
Drew Shiel
Elfur Logadóttir
Garrett Coakley
Javier Velasco
Joel D Canfield
John Handelaar
Jeremy Ashcraft
Lachlan Cannon
Madhu Menon (with reservations)
Martin Burns
Mike King
Morgan Kelsey (with reservations)
Ron Luther
Sabrina Dent
Seb Potter
Stephane Deschamps
Tara Cleveland
William Anderson

sorry all french speaking people for abusing your language.
and sorry all americans for not understanding the joke, it's a reference to 
the European song contest, an annual song competition, somewhat like the 
Idol frenzy, just different - as this one is supposed to be about the song, 
not the singer :).

Elfur Logadóttir
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