[theforum] Functionality requirements

Martin Burns yumyum at easyweb.co.uk
Tue Nov 23 05:52:01 CST 2004

Right, to get moving on this.

I propose that the minimum functions for the new site at launch be as

1) all the functions marked with 'Y' for the current site in
   with the following exceptions:

  a) Grrs - replaced with community moderation (a la /.)
  b) User comment edit/delete - I'm not bothered about this in any major way

2) The following additional functions provided as standard by drupal:
   a) version control/rollback
   b) i18n & l10n

and that all the functionality be provided in as drupal-esque a way as
possible: pre-built 3rd party modules where available, unless there's a

If we do that, then pretty much all the rest of the work is implementing
templates for the presentation layer.

Comments/agreement/changes by Thursday please.


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