[theforum] Motoring on: drupalising weo

Martin Paul Burns martin.burns at uk.ibm.com
Tue Nov 23 08:58:38 CST 2004

Javier wrote on 23/11/2004 15:06:21:

> One thing I'd like to see kept or improved on our site is the great
> level of help-type copy, it is very straightforward and useful. One
> example that comes to mind is the subscription page for thelist.

How much of that needs doing for relaunch?

I think it's probably going to be useful to write some help content for
where the new site does the same things in a different way.

> I had made a full evolt.org IA diagram when we first started talking
> about redesign, it's still around, let me know if you'd like to check it
> before completing the requirements.

I think we've got 2 things here:
1) porting the site to drupal without significantly changing things (yes, I
know that the design is significant, but we have to do templates anyway, no
matter what)
2) all the wider improvements, like evolters, integrating leo etc.

What I think we're doing is (1) for 13 Dec - a short, relatively uncomplex
deliverable that doesn't take a *lot* of thinking about. Drupal is enough
of a framework to support many, many options for (2), but that'll take a
*lot* of thought and discussion, which alone would use up the time we have
until the birthday.

> evolt on!



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