[theforum] Rebuild progress and this week's actions

Morgan Kelsey morgan at morgankelsey.com
Tue Nov 30 13:19:02 CST 2004


> Dear all
> I've updated the project plan:
> http://wiki.evolt.org/index.php/Evolt.org_Rebuild_%282004%29/Project_Plan
> with last week's progress, which was:
> 1) Agree site functions (No-one disagreed with my proposal)

i'm not entirely comfortable with this "no one disagreed so therefore it's a 
go" direction we're taking. in the past, these types of things have had *a 
vote*, not a declaration. the aardvark declared his desire for belgian 
waffles (and fruit), is that too, therefore, "a go"?

those of us that survive as freelancers are very busy during the holiday 
season with our client's demands, and may not have time to respond to every 

have we agreed the URLs are to remain the same?
(i believe we did last year some time)  has there been any progress on 

> 2) Agree basic site design (new design, with login area below the black 
> bar)

are we going to a three column layout? if so, why?

> 3) Notified evolt.org at large, and called for volunteers. Welcome to 
> Burhan
>   and Adrian - I'm *really* glad to have you and your drupal skills 
> aboard!

+ 1

> We're currently a week late with the 1st data dump. Jeff: Has that
> happened yet?
> I've also added names of people I think should be accountable for each
> task (to understand what I mean by accountable, as opposed to responsible,
> see
> http://www.ttm.co.uk/ytkracimatrixpage1.htm ) - yell if you disagree with 
> me.
> For this week, we need to:
> 1) Prioritise requirements in detail and analyse against what we already
>   have as standard in drupal and built in the PoC

so the PoC is now our new direction? i seem to have missed that vote too. is 
there anyone else out there who has another idea for a PoC?

> 2) Define and design each page type (elfur had a handy compilation of
>   input for the front page at http://evolt.elfur.org/work_evolt_org.png )
> 3) Start HTMLising the design

this looks to me like a bigger problem than some of us may think.
drupal seems to think that <div id="sumthin"><div 
id="sumthinelse">stuff</div></div> is good HTML/CSS. sure, it may validate, 
but so does lots of other over-written garbage.

in the past, evolt has been known for it's rock solid HTML, accessibility, 
and usability. those seem to be going by the wayside. should we vote on 
those too?

> 4) Start coding missing functionality
> Anything I missed?
see above.

and please folks, i'm not trying to flame or throw a stick in the cogs, just 
pointing out some things about the "new evolt" that seem pretty different 
from the "old evolt", and (in my eyes) aren't necessarily better.

i think we're off to a great start, and i applaud the hard work put in by 
martin, john, elfur and others, but i'm not excited about relaunching a 
sub-quality evolt (compared to the current version) just because its "new".

just my 2 cents,

[resisting urge to fill footer with my own raft of unrelated ecom sites]

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