[theforum] Rebuild progress and this week's actions

William Anderson neuro at well.com
Wed Dec 1 10:09:53 CST 2004

Morgan Kelsey wrote:
> [snip]
> #evolt is not a satisfactory forum for developers scattered across
> different timezones (imho).

depends what you consider "satisfactory".  tara (.ca), elfur (.is), martin, 
john, garrett, mike, seb (.uk) have all managed to work together at weird 
hours using both theforum and #evolt.  Pop in, there's usually someone awake 
at what would normally be considered weird hours.

imho, irc should be a larger part of any new evolt platform, with different 
channels available for chatting with equivalences to thechat, thelist, 
theforum, etc.  There's no real reason why we can't run an ircd on tempest 
as long as we don't fuck it up :)

> if new evolt is not better or comparable to the old by the proposed
> launch, we as a community should not launch it.

I think that's a given.

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