[theforum] Drupal's html, was: Rebuild progress and this week's actions

Adrian Simmons adrinux at ntlworld.com
Wed Dec 1 11:14:05 CST 2004

Morgan Kelsey wrote:
> drupal left to its own devices makes some really horrible markup.
> i dare say dreamweaver/frontpage-horrible kind of markup.
It's not *that* bad!
But yes, it tends to be very verbose, lots of nested divs, practically 
everything given a class and id attribute for theming (instead of 
relying on the css cascade), and then there's drupal.css (but don't get 
me started on that).

I hope we'll be using the phptemplate theme engine, I highly recommend 
that we do.

Much of the html for overall layout is contained in the theme template 
files, so it's easy to get the quality you want there.
The real problem tends to be drupal modules and the code they output - 
but using phptemplate it's possible to override that, it's more work, 
but it is possible. Failing that it may be necessary to hack the module 
code (and hopefully submit patches back to drupal.org), but I suspect 
that won't be necessary.

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