[theforum] 2 column vs 3 column

Morgan Kelsey morgan at morgankelsey.com
Thu Dec 2 13:19:13 CST 2004

>> I vote for remaining a 2-column layout.
>> Evolt's pages are long, I don't see the need for 3-columns.
>> (unless we're moving to multi-page articles like sitepoint, which I also
>> don't like)
> That's for just article pages? Or the front page too?
> For article pages I agree with you cos when you've got lines of code, you
> don't want the column too narrow.

I'd say all pages, unless we have something special we want on the left of 
the front page.
We certainly wouldn't want the main category nav to jump from one side to 
the other.

Once the main-nav is on the right, all that's on the left is the picture of 
monkey-boy --oops-- i mean, the very romantic Mr. Madhu Menon. ;-)

I know his legs are long, but they wouldn't reach the bottom alongside the 
newest ten articles.


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