[theforum] URL Schemas & missing data

aardvark evolt at roselli.org
Fri Dec 3 11:12:09 CST 2004

Seb Potter wrote:
> Actually, I think that the majority of discussion has just assumed all 
> of this as a default position. Certainly validity of HTML and CSS isn't 
> even a point of discussion. Structural and semantic markup isn't even 
> remotely contentious unless you wanna get into a 5 year-old debate over 
> whether you start your site with H1 or H2. (It's H1, if you're wondering

while i agree with you, martin's question here, and a further question 
on IRC got me to thinking...

martin asked what *my* standards were, and when i noted specs, he asked 
if validating to the specs would be good enough...

my answer, of course, is no...

but i will not take the risk of us assuming this, only to come back 
later when we *haven't* done it, to be told that nobody ever discussed 
it or brought it up...

so i'm asking the question now, before we all just accept our own 
interpretation of how we'll do this...

and as madhu said, i'd rather our code be top-notch than try to force 
sub-standard code into our self-assigned deadline...

is this something i should post on the wiki? does anyone even use it 
(bsides martin and elfur, and no, that's not a shot)? that last thing i 
posted just made a dull thud and was never heard from again, and if it's 
just there to appease people like me, then it's not worth my time...

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