[theforum] URL Schemas & missing data

aardvark evolt at roselli.org
Fri Dec 3 18:39:14 CST 2004

Adrian Simmons wrote:
> I must point out here that drupal does xhtml 1.0 transitional as it's
> default, most current themes and modules output xhtml not html, ditto
> for the admin sections. For the sake of expediency we'd need to go for
> xhtml.

well, that's a bit of a pickle should we decide to go HTML...

> I wonder if some of the drupal modules might help with the legacy
> content though - there is an htmltidy module for instance - but normally
> those work on new content as it's added or re-edited. Another tricky
> thing might be those articles with html code in them...

what if, say, the content is 'opened' in the edit window and re-saved? 
can that fire the HTMLTidy feature? and if so, can't we script or 
automate that?

> Just to throw in another idea...How hard would it be to extract the old
> articles as static html content which could be linked too within drupal,
> and would that be a bad thing?

feels bad...

how would we wrap them? or any of that?

no, i sense a can... and i think it's full of worms...


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