[theforum] URL Schemas & missing data

aardvark evolt at roselli.org
Sun Dec 5 22:28:07 CST 2004

Garrett Coakley wrote:
> Okay, things were a little more hectic here today than I thought, but
> this is what I have so far:
> http://spiked.co.uk/evolt_article_test/
> 'original' are the straight page scrapes from weo
> 'html401' have had the evolt framing and comments removed and a valid
> HTML4.01 Trans doctype inserted
> 'xhtml1' are the 'html401' pages after having been run through the
> HTMLTidy 'convert to XHTML' process in BBEdit. 
> From a cursory glance these look pretty good, but I'd like more eyeballs
> to run through them and see if there's anything subtle in there that I've
> missed.

the textareas are, i believe, stored in the db as <pre> and converted on 
the fly...

in the new code, i believe those should stay <pre> and we can use CSS to 
achieve the same scrolling effect...

and it will eliminate some of the XHTML validation warnings...

otherwise, it looks feasible...

how 'bout them comments, though? i think if you look through some 
articles, you'll see very few articles with clean HTML (if any)... they 
have never been subjected to our code standards review...

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