[theforum] URL Schemas & missing data

aardvark evolt at roselli.org
Mon Dec 6 07:26:43 CST 2004

Martin Burns wrote:
>> how 'bout them comments, though? i think if you look through some 
>> articles, you'll see very few articles with clean HTML (if any)... 
>> they have never been subjected to our code standards review...
> imo, let's leave them for now. Yes, some of them suck. But they suck 
> already even against the current standards, so we're not making matters 
> worse.

i agree that they suck against our current standards...

i disagree that we should leave them for now... assuming we go to 
XHTML... if it's just scripting that updates them, why not do it?

if we stay with HTML for this first pass, then i am fine with leaving 

but let's not get in the habit of just doing things halfway...

> If we get time before launch and have the db to run it against, then 
> maybe we could run them through Tidy.

or rather, if we go XHTML, let's *make* the time and run them through 
tidy... i'd rather see it late and correct than on time and wrong...

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