[theforum] URL Schemas & missing data

Seb seb at poked.org
Mon Dec 6 17:56:50 CST 2004

Lachlan Cannon wrote:

> aardvark wrote:
>> if we stay with HTML for this first pass, then i am fine with leaving 
>> them...
>> but let's not get in the habit of just doing things halfway...
>> [...]
>> or rather, if we go XHTML, let's *make* the time and run them through 
>> tidy... i'd rather see it late and correct than on time and wrong...
> +1
> Of course, if there's no way to keep comments clean after launch, 
> that'll be mostly pointless. Is there a drupal way to ensure the 
> validity / cleanliness of markup to our specified standard?

Yep. All content in Drupal can be passed through a "transformation 
chain", which allows you to perform arbitrary operations on the text in 
a configurable sequence. So, it's possible to ensure that all content 
and comments are stored as valid XHTML if needed.

> Hey, if there is, we could integrate it into the article approval 
> queue too, ensuring that people have to have validating articles 
> before they can be submitted to the editors. That might speed up the 
> process for the editors somewhat, and (hopefully? ;) ) lead to them 
> being vetted sooner.

There's an HTMLTidy module for Drupal (which I haven't tested) that 
ought to allow this. Probably worth further investigation.

- Seb.

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