A very quick note about URL rewriting (was Re: [theforum] Rebuild progress and this week's actions)

John Handelaar john at userfrenzy.com
Tue Dec 7 07:53:48 CST 2004

Morgan Kelsey wrote:
>>> have we agreed the URLs are to remain the same?
>>> (i believe we did last year some time)  has there been any progress on
>>> *that*?
>> Ah, now you're into the detailed requirements discussion. Fine. We've not
>> touched that level of detail yet. Bring it on. Make proposals.
> please re-read my article-length dissertation on evolt's pagerank
> which came up the last time we discussed a rebuild:
> http://lists.evolt.org/theforumarchive/Week-of-Mon-20030811/000298.html
> i reassert that it would be a tremendous disservice to past and current
> authors to change the current URL structure, which may or may not be
> reproducable with mod-rewrite (i'm not qualified to answer)

Back from the honeymoon :-)

Re: Older pieces, we don't need mod_rewrite (though we *could* use it)
since Drupal has a table for URL aliases which we can populate with the
older URLs.

Re: New stuff, we can create any new scheme we like.  I have a couple of
issues with the one we use now (using underscores instead of dashes, for
example, and making the numeric category ID a required part of the URL for
no obvious reason)...  mod_rewrite works, so will the alias thing described
above.  It can be administered by content as now.


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