[theforum] Update

Garrett Coakley garrett at polytechnic.co.uk
Wed Dec 8 04:33:37 CST 2004

Hey all,

Okay, While I've been working on the comments -> xhtml angle (more of
which in a minute) Tara has done some sterling work (with some help from
Elfur) in going through the existing site and sorting out the various
page types, classifying features for each and elements common to all.

This has been put up on the wiki [<http://wiki.evolt.org/index.php/
Work.evolt.org#Page_Types>], so please have a look, let us know if
anything has missed, please feel free edit the missing bits yourself. 

Now that we have that information, we can come back to the 3col vs 2col
discussion and where we lay out those elements. I'm of a mind to stick to
2cols as per the current site just for the sake of speed of build, and
then have an architectural discussion in the new year. 

This also fits into the whole "let's just duplicate weo on the new
platform as first phase" idea. New skin, same underlying architecture for now.

Don't get me wrong, I do want to hear peoples points of view on this, but
I'm letting you know now we're not going to hang around. We have the
templates and CSS to build once a decision is reached, so if you're going
to make a case for 3cols, make it strong and succinct. Mock-ups are good
too *:)

I'd like to see a decision reached by Friday at the latest. 

Back to the comments. I've taken aards Character Entity chart article,
stripped out the article itself, pulled everything out of the table and
then run it through HTMLTidy:


On the whole it's not bad, there are a few glitches, especially where
Tidy has had to make a best guess about where to wrap content in a block
level container (<p> in this case) but I'm willing to admit that that
could be due to some heavy handedness on my part in stripping out the
table. I'll do some further playing and see what comes up.

More updates as things happen, any questions fire them in here.


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         Play : http://polytechnic.co.uk
         Learn: http://evolt.org   

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