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Martin Burns yumyum at easyweb.co.uk
Mon Dec 13 09:03:01 CST 2004

On Mon, December 13, 2004 9:37 am, Garrett Coakley said:
> On Wednesday, December 8, 2004  @481, Garrett Coakley wrote:
> [snip]
>>Now that we have that information, we can come back to the 3col vs 2col
>>discussion and where we lay out those elements. I'm of a mind to stick to
>>2cols as per the current site just for the sake of speed of build, and
>>then have an architectural discussion in the new year.

> I take it
> from the silence to my original email that there are no problems with
> going with 2 columns now and revisiting the issue after the move?

Grand. Are we going to produce image comps next, or jump straight to
static HTML?


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