[theforum] Update 2

Garrett Coakley garrett at polytechnic.co.uk
Thu Dec 23 16:12:24 CST 2004

Hey all,

Sorry for the silence, currently in Ireland on the end of a 56k trying to
get the whole xmas thing sorted (I miss my DSL!).

I'm part way through generating the structural templates for the pages
types that Tara identified. These will be pure markup, no css at all. 

I'm not going to promise a date of completion, given the time of year and
the fact I'm cooking the dinner/organising family/sorting out shopping
etc etc, but I'm going to aim for just before new year if possible. 

Once they're done I'll upload them for everyone to +/-, and then once
everyone's happy we can get our CSS hats on and style the buggers. Deal?

Oh, happy holidays *:)


         Work : http://www.gencon.co.uk
         Play : http://polytechnic.co.uk
         Learn: http://evolt.org   

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