[theforum] Happy New Year, Happy New Site

Martin Burns martin at easyweb.co.uk
Tue Jan 4 15:19:11 CST 2005

Hi folks

So, this is 2005, and time's a ticking. We have paid Jeff for hosting
until the end of Jan 2005, which is under 4 weeks away. Given the current
lack of co-operation, I'm assuming it'll go Poof on 1st Feb. Even if it
doesn't, I have no confidence in a host that offers us this level of abuse:
and would be dead set against maintaining that hosting if it were available.

I think there are enough people who would agree with that to make this
certain: One way or another, we're moving. Even if we're not right up to
our desired level of quality on launch day, this is a non-missable deadline.

So, with that in mind:

1) Templates
   GC - how did you get on over the festivities? When will we see something?
   How long will it take to wire into Drupal? A day? Longer?

2) Data
   I'm assuming we're not getting this. What's the impact on our members,
   and how do we tell them?

3) Functionality
   What's still outstanding? I know that we've bookmarked
   as a module for ratings. How much can we do with the currently
   available data?

We *will* do this, folks. Let's get into it.


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