[theforum] Happy New Year, Happy New Site

Seb Potter seb at poked.org
Mon Jan 10 08:30:27 CST 2005

> The last time I spoke to him about getting this data, he was *willing* 
> to do so, but unable to think of a way to "export" it from Microsoft SQL 
> Server 6 to a format that would preseve the multiline text and "funny 
> characters" into a format we could import into another db.  And I didn't 
> (and still don't) know enough about MS SQL Server 6 to suggest a 
> solution.  Maybe if we have some MS-SQL6 guru around here that can 
> provide him with a simple step-by-step procedure that he can follow to 
> export the data, he would be responsive to that request.

Well, either output as a MS SQL backup database or as an SQL dump of the 

The thing we need is the data. The format it's in is fine, let's not let 
exporting it into a different format hold us up here. We can extract the 
data from a MS SQL database backup without putting any additional burden 
on Jeff.

If Jeff hasn't got the time to do this, there are several people in this 
particular forum who are more than capable of extracting out the data 
from MS SQL if given appropriate access rights. This route might be a 
viable alternative.


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