[theforum] Happy New Year, Happy New Site

David Kaufman david at gigawatt.com
Mon Jan 10 12:40:25 CST 2005

Seb <seb at poked.org> wrote:
> MS SQL Server 6? Well, it's been about 7 years since I used it (and
> about 4 years since MS dropped all support for it)...

Well, that's what Jeff said the evolt database is currently running on.

> ...I'm sure I
> remember that you can dump it out through ODBC as an Access database.
> (I know this because I have a fully-functional export of the DB in
> Access 2003 format that Judah did for me back in the summer.) As I
> said, this is extremely easy to do, and there's no need for Jeff to
> be using a lot of time worrying about this issue.

So perhaps we should be asking Judah to do this again?  As I recall he 
also has (or had?) physical access to the machine, which would obviate 
the need for Jeff to open a "security hole" by granting any sort of 
remote access.

> ...Let's please stop
> making poor excuses about the security of an open DB connection. I
> assume this box is behind a firewall of some description. Give
> somebody pass-through access on the firewall, either by IP address or
> by username, allow an open ODBC connection, and let us get the data
> out.

No one here is making the excuses, Seb.  I'm just reporting the one's 
Jeff has given me offlist.

> Jeff, if you're reading and want to contact me offlist to discuss
> options directly, my email address is seb at poked.org

As I mentioned in another post, it's my belief that he does *not* read 
the list, and his mail program also files messages cc'd to these lists 
with the list mail such that he will not read those either.

The way to communicate with Jeff is via private email addressed to him 
that is not cc'd to any evolt lists.


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