[theforum] Happy New Year, Happy New Site

Seb seb at poked.org
Wed Jan 12 02:44:20 CST 2005

> BCP *might* work in native mode, though!  And since it's part of 
> MSSQL6, Jeff wouldn't need to install anything "foreign", which is 
> good since he seems a bit distrustful.  But we'd need a working 
> installation of MS SQL Server 6 on our side to be able to read it...
> Does anyone here have Microsoft SQL Server 6?

Yes, I have a full msdn/technet library stretching back pretty much the 
best part of a decade. (I was once a gold certified microsoft solutions 
partner, with all the crappy pseudo-qualifications that you need to be 
such a thing. ;-)

This is why we only need a backup copy of the database. MS SQL 6 has 
tools that allow you to do this for replication to remote servers.

This is why we don't need to bother Jeff with installing anything on his 
server or doing extra work to export in a different format. All we need 
is the database, or a temporarily open secure odbc connection.

- Seb.

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