[theforum] 2 weeks to go... Template signoff Tuesday

John Handelaar john at userfrenzy.com
Mon Jan 17 06:13:44 CST 2005

javier velasco wrote:

> I notice that the templates have two search boxes for articles and 
> comments (as the current site does). Last I knew, the only reason for 
> having this was some database restriction.
> It would be amazing if we could merge the searchboxes into one as part 
> of the migration (were this a quick thing to deal with). 

Yeah, they can be merged.  Drupal has it covered.

I want to get the list archives in there as well - there's a mail-in-to-
forum plugin floating around there somewhere which I think I can probably
use to move the entire archive in as read-only forums...

...now how's *that* for a beefy single search box?  :-)


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