[theforum] Ad: Renovations to www.evolt.org - your chance to get involved

JohnyB discuss at alphanumeric.cz
Tue Jan 18 16:13:21 CST 2005

Hello everyone,

> So if you have time to contribute ..., and especially ... in any of the following areas:
> *  IA / Usability / Interface design
> *  l33t design sk1llz [ahem] specifically in the realm of standards-based web building
> *  PHP programming
> *  Drupal theme and module development
> ...consider this an invitation to sign up to the other list where this is all going on.

I'd like to contribe if I can.

Something about me - I've been doing the front-side and UI design 
professionally for 3 years, reflecting the new accessibility/usability 
approach in conjunction with good looking design. I'm involved in many 
Czech leading webdesign forums including topics about front-end coding 
and standards.

I'd be glad if I could contribute to such a great project.

Nice evening (afternoon, morning - wherever you are),

Jan Brasna :: alphanumeric.cz | webcore.cz | designlab.cz | janbrasna.com

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