[theforum] Re: [thefor*m] 2 weeks to go... Template signoff Tuesday

aardvark evolt at roselli.org
Wed Jan 19 11:37:34 CST 2005

On 19 Jan 2005 at 15:06, Martin Paul Burns wrote:
> > > happy to share code when the time comes... i should probably be
> > > reviewing my code soon anyway...
> >
> > The time is in the next 72 hours...
> >
> > Slacker ;-)
> Oops - should have been an offlisty to Adrian, sorry!

sure y'are...

regardless, 72 hours is unrealistic for me to offer to contribute 
anything... unless i have a weekend to use, i'm useless on weeknights 
to do anything outside of my own gig...

however, i can still review and poke... and otherwise stay generally 
silent until the last minute, thereby making martin call me out as a 
slacker when he really doesn't know i've been tunneling under his 
house for the last two years every night...


but, yeah, i am still here for review...

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