[theforum] The moving project - status of layout and decisions to be made

Elfur Logadóttir elfur at elfur.is
Tue Feb 8 17:38:09 CST 2005

Hi guys,

For those of you who haven't taken a look at http://test.evolt.org recently
you should head over there and do so, because the layout has made some
changes in recent days.

We are trying to stay as true to the layout provided by Isaac as possible
and the sketches we are using can be found at http://evolt.elfur.org where
I've replaced the temporary requirements document with a list of links to
the sketches.

As it happens not all things have been styled yet and styling some things
might be too difficult to warrant the effort (like making the categories
list icon blue, with other list icons taupe).

The front page validates as xhtml transitional but it hasn't been tested in
non standards browser - at all.
Many IE fixes need to be added and I for one have no idea how it will look
in other browsers, version wise and settings wise.

Some of the problems we know about, but most we don't, because we haven't
been looking for them - yet. If you notice some, the correct way to point
them out, and the safest way to get them fixed is by heading over to
Martin's bugtracker. Please add any and all bugs you see, and be nice as
well, if you think you know why the problem happens, point that out as well,
even be as kind as to provide a possible solution :) And the bugtracker, it
can be found at: http://islands.easyweb.co.uk:8080/evolt_bugs 

I've said before, that I'm not the best qualified person to control the
styling of the template, even though I'm the most active 'stylist' at the
moment. I haven't been working in the industry for good three years now. So
it's quite possible that things aren't done in the best way possible - I'll
be the first to admit that.

I must remind you that the more people that participate in the moving
project, the sooner it will be ready for launch, but at the rate we're going
now, I fear it'll launch long before it'll be ready! Because, as we know, it
will launch at the end of this month, however the situation is.

If you're willing to participate, and even have offered help and no one
responded, please shout and I'll make sure you'll get a itsy bitsy tiny winy
thing to do :)

If you won't shout, then your complaints on or after launchday will be moot
and your attention pointed to this email and the responses it gets.

So let's pull up our sleeves and get the development up on the eo standard
we all love. How much you'll participate between now and Feb 28 will be the
deciding factor of how high we'll fly on launch day.

*the bitching one*

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