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Martin Burns martin at easyweb.co.uk
Wed Feb 16 13:16:21 CST 2005

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Dear all

Just a quick update:

We've now got the vast majority of what we wanted to accomplish with 
1) The templates are now looking pretty much identical on IE6 as FF and 
the same cross platform on FF.
2) Site performance is good for anonymous users when we turn on caching
3) Printable templates are good, both as a separate template and when 
you print the normal page
4) Workflow is installed
5) Ratings are working (and have picked up the existing ratings)
6) Accessibility is very sweet - take a look in Lynx and play with the 
keyboard shortcuts
7) URL mapping to support existing URLs and keyphrases. Incidentally, 
the new site is doing rather well in Google visibility, considering it 
has no PageRank whatsoever:
8) Contact Us working - needs adjusting to the right address

Still to do:

1) IE5.x fixes  - not quite there. Garrett has done wonders with IE6 
and is working on IE5.x this week.
2) Workflow needs tweaking to match the current process
3) Missing Author bio/picture etc
4) Mapping existing URLs to new ones
5) Up to date data migration (anticipate content freeze from weekend 
after next)
6) Various Bugfixes
7) Need to check performance with authenticated users - it could be a 
bit better
(I may have forgotten one or two bits - anyone?)

We also have some sexy ideas about merging the link-extracting goodness 
from the print template and using it for the printable version of every 
page without a separate template.

Of the list above, the only one I expect to get dropped before end of 
month launch is item (3) - to follow shortly after launch.

We're pretty close to ending development and moving into test/fix mode, 
so anyone feeling the need to help should go do some testing:
Your current login should work.

Any issues, please register and report them on the bug tracker:

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