[theforum] weo progress - testing please!

Jeff Howden jeff at jeffhowden.com
Wed Feb 16 19:01:40 CST 2005


> From: Martin Burns
> 3) Printable templates are good, both as a separate
>    template and when you print the normal page

There are some problems in IE6 with the content.  H2 headings tags, for
example, overlap content.  Additionally, margins/padding on lists is all
wacked out causing the bullet to be placed as if it has a negative margin to
the main content rather than indented as it should be.

> 4) Workflow is installed

Where do we see this?  How can content members test them out to make sure
they're going to do what we need?

> 6) Accessibility is very sweet - take a look in Lynx and
>    play with the keyboard shortcuts

"evolt network" ?!  Shouldn't that be "evolt.org network"

It's too bad about that left column being in the source before the article.
It gets really redundant, really quick to have to scroll past it every time.
That placement will certainly hurt search engine placement as well.

> 7) URL mapping to support existing URLs and keyphrases.

What about the plans to support SEO links for new content?  Are we sticking
with /node/####/, /taxonomy/term/####?  Doing so *will* damage our
placement.  Are there plans to simply map URLs as they exist on weo
currently to support links out in the wild or is the plan to do the *right*
thing and take a regex approach so we can support all manner of
/article/foo/17/28553/, /article/shite/20/60393/,
etc.?  If not, why not?

>    Incidentally, the new site is doing rather well in
> Google visibility, considering it has no PageRank
> whatsoever: [...]

Actually, it only seems to be doing "rather well" because you included
"evolt" in the search terms.  However, search for a more generic search
phrase that normally brings an evolt.org article to the first page of search
results and teo articles are nowhere to be found.


> We also have some sexy ideas [...]

How about we concentrate on bringing teo up to the speed with at least the
current feature set before we get all starry-eyed exploring "sexy" ideas
that we may or may not actually need?

For example, where are the author cubes?

With regards to existing "features" of drupal/teo, can we drop those
*heinous* tabs in the user app (view, edit, track) and lose the non-standard
node-type nomenclature, like "story" and use terms our audience is already
familiar with, like "article".

Also, the "Create Content" form *sucks*.  It's intensely confusing, poorly
labeled, poorly laid out, and is overall *not* the sort of thing that'll
invite articles from our audience (not to mention it's a pain in the ass to
figure out how to get to it).

- That is all

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