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Mon Feb 21 10:30:47 CST 2005

Tara Cleveland wrote:
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> * I agree with Martin (wow. will wonders never cease! ;-P ) that if we
> launch with the announcement that this is an interim design and we've
> switched CMS and platform etc. then I don't think that we'll get
> terrible comments. I agree with you all that the design is less than
> ideal, but worries about external comments is not IMHO a reason to
> launch or not launch - especially since making the design change wasn't
> really the reason for this project.

Fuck it, let's just launch the fucker because:

a) I am always wrong
b) there's no momentum to do anything else
c) I'm about to burst a blood vessel
d) in the eye
e) right behind the eye
f) not in the eye, around the eye
g) i'm back in the room
h) fuck it
i) fuck it
j) fucking fuck
k-z) titwank


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