[theforum] teo content admin testing

Martin Burns martin at easyweb.co.uk
Thu Feb 24 06:40:57 CST 2005

Hi All

I've added the content admin role to all current content admins on test.evolt.org (if
I've missed you, let me know).

If you log in with your existing user credentials (or rather those of a few weeks ago if
you've changed your password lately), you should get a 'content' link in the left hand

Click on that and you'll see a long list of statuses of recent content items. You should
also get an edit tab in the top right of every article.

The key workflow settings are:

* Disabled setting for comments.
* Read Only setting for comments.
* Read/write setting for comments.

* publish: Is this post publicly viewable, has it been published? If not, it's only
viewable by content people (nb not viewable/editable by its author either). If an author
edits a published article, it gets reset to non-published

* promote: Is this post to be promoted to the front page?

* sticky: Is this post always visible at the top of lists? Note that there should only
ever be one sticky article on the Front Page. So when making a new article sticky,
de-sticky the existing one please!

So, go test, have fun, report any issues to


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