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On 23 Feb 2005, at 03:18, David Kaufman wrote:

>> * I agree with Martin [...] that if we launch with the
>> announcement that this is an interim design and we've switched CMS
>> and platform etc. then I don't think that we'll get terrible comments.
> How hard would it be to skin the drupal site to look as much like the 
> old (current) site as possible?
> It may sound like a silly idea, but if we announced that we'd moved to 
> a new operating system, on a new server, on a new hosting provider, 
> with a new CMS platform, it would certainly be understandable when we 
> announced "some changes" in the site's functionality.  Rather than a 
> opportunity to look bad, it would an opportunity to look good.
> The, once we are there... the big news would not be the server move, 
> but the redesign contest!
> Due to the hard work of the current butt-kicking team, *a* redesign 
> has been done, and it has (so far) only delayed our server move by one 
> month (two if we don't launch this week!)  But surely additional 
> design iterations can only add additional months.

Yes. But implementing the current weo design *is* a design iteration 
and would put things back a long time - a month? 2?

Additionally, as mentioned when we last discussed it, the focus would 
then be on "this new system isn't *exactly* like the old one", and 
finally, I *really* don't want to launch a site based on tables, even 
if it is based on the current one.

> I should point out that our monthly Google ad revenue is consistently 
> covering the hosting costs of only *one* of our two servers, the 
> current production WEO (hosted by Jeff) *or* the new development 
> machine (hosted at ServerMatrix).  As long as we maintain both we are 
> eroding our bank balance.
> So, whatever we do, consider this a vote for doing the thing that gets 
> us off the old box sooner than later.

That's a good reminder, thanks Dave

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