[theforum] weo signoff

Morgan Kelsey morgan at morgankelsey.com
Thu Mar 3 11:04:26 CST 2005

martin wrote:

>> - also, is there any reason we're honking a big old php session id on to 
>> the
>> url when cookies are turned off? this is REALLY bad for search spiders 
>> (they're
>> gonna index those links with the session url too, since spiders don't eat 
>> cookies)

> This is default Drupal - and a few minutes spent with SEs shows that they
> don't have a problem with Drupal sites whatsoever.

do they drop the session id?
do you have any examples?.... (not trying to be onboxious, just can't find 

>> > 3) We are otherwise waiting for a final data dump which we'll use to do
>> > the URL alignment
>> - this is really critical, if we care about our search listings and
>> preventing link-rot.
>> can't this be implemented now with the data we have? i don't understand
>>  why we need another dump to do the work.
> We don't. However, our team aren't inclined to do it twice.

sorry, i thought it would be a script....


>> can we have a vote?
> That's what we are having.

then can we please have a short finance report,
so we know what we are voting on/for?

and then can we start a formal "shall we relaunch?" vote?


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