[theforum] weo signoff

Jeff Howden jeff at jeffhowden.com
Thu Mar 3 13:24:43 CST 2005


> From: Martin Paul Burns
> > Paul wrote on 03/03/2005 13:50:20:
> >
> > The "middle column is smaller than the others" is
> > still causing problems on Firefox (all platforms) and
> > IE 6 on Windows. I really think that should be fixed
> > before the site goes live.
> It's only an issue on some of the functional pages, not
> on any of the content pages.
> If someone can suggest a clean fix, then I'd gladly
> implement it. Until then, I'm classifying it as a "Nice
> if".

I'm unclassifying a "nice if" and reclassifying it as a "must fix for
launch".  Who made you the ultimate item-labeler.  Obvious your logic for
what is ok to launch with and what is not is flawed.  Whether or not we all
act like it, we all represent ourselves as professionals in our field.  TEO
in its current state is *not* representative of that.  It's flawed.  It's
broken.  It is *not* ready for launch.  I'd be ashamed to be associated with
a web development community if the best they had was as "good" as TEO.

Launching with what we have now is accepting that the shortcomings won't get
fixed for another year+.  That's unacceptable.  Fix before launch or don't
launch at all.

-1 to launching with what we have right now.


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