[theforum] weo signoff

Richard Bennett richard.bennett at skynet.be
Thu Mar 3 18:23:40 CST 2005

On Thursday 03 March 2005 22:40, Jeff Howden wrote:
> Why is the article submission part
> of the site *still* so *very* confusing?  Do we really need to have the
> view/edit permissions checkboxes on the article submission page?  I
> personally don't want regular users setting those themselves.  

> Why can a Content member approve their own article?  Where is the
> "unanswered contacts" nightly email?  Where's the "pending articles"
> nightly email?  In fact, where are *any article related emails (new, author
> changed, admin changed, approved, denied, etc.)?  Why are we no longer
> sending out emails to authors when they submit an article or when we've
> approved an article?  Is the workflow really nothing more than two
> checkboxes labeled "Published" and "In Moderation queue"?  If it's neither
> published, nor in moderation queue, what does that mean?  Wouldn't pending,
> approved, denied radio buttons be a whole lot easier?  

It sounds like it is using the default drupal 'basic' document moderation.
I was at the Drupal conference in Brussels last week, and one excellent talk 
was given by John van Dyck, where he outlined the workflow and actions 
This allows building arbitary worflows (using your own defined terms) 
depending on the task at hand, and allows you to attach actions to the 
transition between states.
You can set which states are allowed to transition to which other ones, who 
has access to which states, and what actions are to be taken when a 
transition happens. (Send email, publish to user-group etc)


I think the documentation is a bit meager, but I might be able to help setup a 
workflow if something isn't clear.


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