[theforum] weo signoff

John Handelaar john at userfrenzy.com
Fri Mar 4 09:03:31 CST 2005

Jeff Howden wrote:

> Not a dupe, a different question.  In order to handle existing URLs that are
> currently able to retrieve content from WEO, a dynamic system must be put in
> place.  

Well, one has, in fact.  What it's missing is the data in the alias fields.

Not nitpicking, rather giving more relevant info to explain how it's to

> As it will require a lot of testing, it is something that should be
> built now rather than later or we'll suffer at the hands of the search
> engines.

Certainly it needs doing before launch, I agree.  Since this is one of the
great many things which fall on my head personally, I carry the can for it.

> For example, the following should all bring up the same content:
> /node/60390/

...is Drupal's way of storing it.  No action required.

> /10-steps-to-higher-search-engine-positioning
> /article/10_Steps_To_Higher_Search_Engine_Positioning/20/60390/

...can both be added to the alias table.

> /article/10_Steps_To_Higher_Search_Engine_Positioning/20/60390/index.html

...is a rewrite rule which takes the submitted URL and ignores the part after
the last slash.  Which also covers the /evolt_org tail-parts which dimly
flicker in the memory.

> /article/rating/20/60390/
> /article/foo/20/60390/

... rewrite rule is /*/*/*/$id  -->  /node/$id.

As far as URLs created in the future are concerned, the latter 3 need not
be implemented (as someone with SEO-fu, you'll be aware that there's nothing
to gain in having a myriad URLs hitting the same page).  Likewise I'll
restate my opinion of the evilness of unnecessarily including a numeric
category ID in URLs, other than to maintain compatibility for archived


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