[theforum] weo signoff

Lachlan Cannon lach at illuminosity.net
Sat Mar 5 02:08:42 CST 2005

John Handelaar wrote:
> As far as URLs created in the future are concerned, the latter 3 need not
> be implemented (as someone with SEO-fu, you'll be aware that there's 
> nothing
> to gain in having a myriad URLs hitting the same page).

To clarify: Does this mean we'll be using /node/id for future urls? I hope not. 
Any blogging system you pick up in this day and age can easily produce useful 
urls, surely we should be able to?

/node seems to be useless cruft to me, and since articles need titles, what's 
wrong with a url specifying the date and title, or better yet (if titles are 
currently forced to be unique) the title alone.

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