[theforum] Final Data Handover - still not happened

Martin Paul Burns martin.burns at uk.ibm.com
Thu Mar 10 11:40:46 CST 2005

William wrote on 27/02/2005 10:27:05:

> Martin Burns wrote:
> > Hi Jeff
> >
> > Can you let us know when would be convenient over the next few days to
> > get the final data dump of weo?
> >
> > As well as the DB dump, it would also be very helpful to get a zip of
> > all the weo images on your server - user images and images in articles.
> ... and any other assets along with them, i.e. zip files or other
> linked to from articles, svp.


Please take the opportunity to showcase the professionalism you're proud of
and let us know your availability for transferring the data so that we can
plan this work with minimal disruption to yourself evolt's members.


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