[theforum] Final Data Handover - still not happened

Jeff Howden jeff at jeffhowden.com
Fri Mar 11 12:27:15 CST 2005


> From: Martin Paul Burns
> Please take the opportunity to showcase the
> professionalism you're proud of and let us know your
> availability for transferring the data so that we can
> plan this work with minimal disruption to yourself
> evolt's members.

I have an extremely busy schedule at work for the next few weeks as well as
very limited time, if any, at home to address the issue of zipping the
existing db and other media assets.  Additionally, as I'll be delivering
media assets this time, the total filesize of the archive will be
prohibitive to transfer from the machine via the net.  So, it'll have to
wait until I can get down to the colo and burn a CD of it (sorry, can no
longer grant access to anyone that doesn't already have a box in that room).

Oh, and keep your personal comments to yourself.

Thank you,


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